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Naomi Remijn

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ONE WEEK ABOUT Driving Dutch Design by curators Patrick Aarts Sen (BNO) and Katja Lucas (DDF)Driving Dutch Design is the professionalisation and networking programme of Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO), Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) and Stichting Stokroos that helps talented designers get started in the world of entrepreneurship. Over the next few days, we show the Drivers of 2023, Naomi Remijn is one of them.

Naomi Remijn makes people feel the warmth of nostalgia through local heritage. Without the connection to our local heritage we lose the beautiful old techniques of traditional costume and forget the value of craftsmanship. The first, who no longer wore regional costume in Zeeland, were the ‘ordinary’ citizens. Many farmers, however, continued to wear the traditional costume and this is where the saying that people were dressed “as farmers” comes from.

With her project “As a farmer,” Naomi Remijn shows the Zeeland costume in luxury interior products. The 3 dimensional shapes and textiles create good acoustics and all products are available in 100% wool felt which is non-flammable. Available in different colors and customizable in different sizes and shapes.

Driving Dutch Design has professionalized my design practice. Through the various master classes, each focusing on a different facet of entrepreneurship, the complete picture is coming together more and more. Apart from the enormously valuable lessons I learned, I also gained a larger network that is at least as valuable.

For more information about the participants, the programme and registration, visit drivingdutchdesign.nl

Naomi Remijn – As a farmer, campaign image
Naomi Remijn – As a farmer, detail lamp
Naomi Remijn – As a farmer, Pendantlight
Naomi Remijn – As a farmer, Pendantlight + Wave
Naomi Remijn – As a farmer, Wave
Naomi Remijn – As a farmer, details Roomdivider
Naomi Remijn – As a farmer, setting + details
Naomi Remijn-Traditional costumes, photo by Nederlands Openluchtmuseum
Naomi Remijn

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