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Tonja Nederlof

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ONE WEEK ABOUT Driving Dutch Design by curators Patrick Aarts Sen (BNO) and Katja Lucas (DDF)

Driving Dutch Design is the professionalisation and networking programme of ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) that helps talented designers get started in the world of entrepreneurship. Tonja Nederlof is one of them.

“I believe in brands with a story.”

Tonja Nederlof is a Creative who specializes in the field of branding, identity & storytelling. She helps brands to get their core and to clearly visualize their message. By doing so, you give direction to your business or project through the right communication in creative concepts.

If you add the right meaning to your message, you communicate from your own strength. By doing so you manifest your brand to reach the right target group that shares this value with you. Tonja can help you translate this discovery into a visual and creative identity, creative concept or visualization of your brand. She does not lose sight of your core, so that you have a clear future perspective for your brand!

She gets a lot of energy from creative sparring sessions and gives, among other things, workshops to clarify and deepen your brand. She helps other creative agencies with her expertise as a freelancer or can be used directly by an organization, company, institution or brand.

As a Creative she is enthusiastically looking for how we can help, inspire & motivate each other. Attention and trust are important. Together we come up with surprising changes and communicate the right message. Let’s make an impact!

For more information about the participants, the programme and registration, please visit drivingdutchdesign.nl

photo: Eva van Holten

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