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Over a hundred publishers and creators from the Netherlands and Belgium sold their art books, (translated) literary gems, poetry collections, self-published editions, literary non-fiction, unique (paper) objects, riso or silkscreen prints at DRUK in all of Paradiso’s halls on Sunday, December 3, 2023 in Amsterdam.

What connects these mostly specialist publishers is that they value authenticity, creativity and individuality. Their contribution to the Dutch-language (book) supply may be modest in size, but their special editions are artistically and qualitatively very high quality and made with particular attention to the creative process and material. Many important Dutch authors and artists have published with these publishers in the course of their careers.

Bas Fontein of BASBOEK gave a master class ‘How do I publish something?’, during the Cellar program.

Hans Gremmen is responsible for the Identity design of ‘DRUK, in addition he stood together with Kuan-Ting Chen in the entre hall of Paradiso with a pop-up screen printing studio, where carrier bags were printed with ‘Read Books, Buy Books, Buy Local’.

Photography: Wil van Iersel

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