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Alissa Rees

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One Week About Dutch Designers in Milan, curated by  Ventura Projects / Organisation in Design

Designer Alissa Rees became fascinated with the de-humanising elements of public spaces like waiting rooms and hospitals after being hospitalised for a long time due to personal circumstances when she was younger. She came to the conclusion people start to become patients and stopped being human. Years later this resulted in her most current project ‘the humanised hospital’, a book full of concepts that – in her vision – make it possible for patients to hang on to their identity and remain their humanity. Two of those concepts have been materialised: the IV-Walk and HOSPICHIC.

The IV-Walk allows people to be mobile while carrying an IV but without being visibly being attached to an IV pole. HOSPICHIC is a simple but beautifully designed set of products that allow a hospital meal to become an intimate dinner, lifting the experience and creating a sense of well-being. Alissa Rees’s work is part of a group exhibition with contributions from designers such as: Tamara Hoogeweegen, Aurore Brard, Gerjanne van Gink, Johan Viladrich, Studio Nienke Helder, and Rebekka Evita Strenk.

Ventura Future
FuturDome building: Via Paisiello 6, Milan
Università building: Viale Abruzzi 42, Milan
Loft building: Via Donatella 36, Milan
17 – 22 April, 2018

Photos: Victor Duran

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