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In Wellton Park, a district in Moscow with a very high building density, the Dutch architecture firm Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik has completed two apartment buildings with outspoken brick facades. When the client requested “Dutch” architecture, the architects let themselves to be inspired by the Amsterdam School style of the early 1900’s, and re-invent it for a contemporary high-rise design.

Amidst the white and light grey apartment buildings, Dutch House catches the eye with its outstanding red brick colour. The two buildings with a height of 75 and 65 metres, contain 360 apartments on top of a two-layered underground parking. The positions of both buildings seem to be at random, but in fact they are derived from the strict Russian rules regarding the entrance of sunlight.

The features of the Amsterdam School are transformed into contemporary design instruments. Authentic Dutch, orange brickwork, rounded bay windows with curved glass and monumental wooden entrance doors are all incorporated in the design, be it in their modern-day versions.

The communal areas within the buildings have rich use of materials and refined details. The saw-tooth structure also prevails here. Light fixtures on ceilings in the corridors have been replaced by vertical lines that light the walls. In the entrance halls and corridors, the application of Amsterdam School related materials such as bronze, dark brown wood, natural stone can be seen in combination with modern-day elements like abstract, three dimensional tulip patterns and light ceilings.

Photos: Ilya Ivanov

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