Dutch Satellite 2024 Pathways

Consulate General of The Netherlands, Milan

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Dutch satellite’s Dutch participation at SaloneSatellite 2024 this year will be represented by IOUS Studio (Sol Sanchez Cimarelli, Agustin Ros), Studio 56 hours (Viki Nagy, Mate Olah), Studio Soumer (Marwane Soumer), and Jos van Roosmalen.

The presented works reveal the distinct perspectives of the designers. While there are no prominent shared characteristics, certain affinities are evident, such as the incorporation of new technologies into design, the use of 3D printing techniques, the emphasis on materials and minimizing production waste, and the inspiration drawn from nature’s forms.

IOUS Studio – Sol Sanchez Cimarelli, Agustin Ros
IOUS Studio is an architecture and design studio specialising in parametric design and digital fabrication, which aims to push the boundaries of traditional architecture by embracing innovative technologies and materials. It was founded in Rotterdam in 2022 by Argentinian-born duo Sol Sanchez Cimarelli and Agustin Ros, both Buenos Aires graduates. Before arriving in the Netherlands, Sanchez Cimarelli and Ros gained professional experience in the United States and Europe.

Studio Soumer – Marwane Soumer
French with African origins, Marwane Soumer was trained in France, Belgium and Holland, and now lives between Paris and Rotterdam. Influenced by Arab and Middle Eastern cultures, Marwane is particularly attentive to detail and form. His projects aim at a delicate balance between harmony and depth, between formal and conceptual research.

Studio 56 hours – Viki Nagy, Mate Olah
56 hours is a Rotterdam-based design studio, founded in 2018 by Viki Nagy and Mate Olah, after experiences of studying and working in Europe and Japan. Their approach to design is highly experimental and aimed at researching contemporary materials and production methods. Their work proceeds through the creation of prototypes and models that allow them to refine the initial idea and achieve a deep understanding of materials, techniques and technologies.

Jos van Roosmalen
Jos van Roosmalen lives and works in Rotterdam. His works focuses on the design of furniture and lighting products. After graduating in industrial design, he worked for large industrial companies. His approach to design is based on practicality. His aspiration is to develop innovative concepts, produced with great attention to detail.

Dutch Satellite 2024_Pathways
SaloneSatellite – Pad. 5, A13-B20
Rho Fiera Milano, Italy
16-21 April 2024

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