Dyslectic Fantastic

Karlin Tuinte

Education | Graphic

Graphic designer Karlin Tuinte graduated cum laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her project ‘Dyslectic Fantastic’ is meant to explain to dyslectics how the dyslectic brain processes information.

By means of a set of cards, a teacher, remedial educationalist, or remedial teacher can give the dyslectic person insight into his/her own brain. In this way, dyslectics will better understand and accept why they are good at certain tasks and not so good at others. This understanding is important for their personal development.

The relief-printed cards ensure that the information is transferred in as many ways as possible. The text is spoken and can also be read. The icon stimulates reflection on the text. In addition, the cards are relief-printed which ensures that holding the cards is a conscious act. This stimulates the memory.

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