Exhibition Botanical Tales

Botanical Tales

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Enchanted by their mystical appearance, six artists/designers visualize their personal connection with plants and trees.

The specially formed artist collective ‘Botanical Tales’ sheds light on the beauty and wisdom embedded in the botanical world from six personal perspectives. A love of nature and curiosity about the character, behavior and materials of plants and trees brings the six together. Each artist explores their personal connection to plants and trees and tells their own story expressed in a work of art/object.

And also the story of the location of the exhibition: castle Groeneveld in Baarn. Looking for a space connected to nature, the choice fell on this castle, home to the State Forestry since 1940. Some works are made from natural materials found in the garden and woods surrounding the castle. Other works are inspired by the surrounding nature.

Participating artists
Inge Prins van Wijngaarden: paintings/mixed media corrugated cardboard
Natasja van der Meer: plant pigments and ceramic objects
Margot Kat: ceramic wall sculptures and 3D work
Loes Schepens: wall objects of paper and plants
Marisa Klaster: objects of wood
Diane van der Marel: photography

Exhibition ‘Botanical Tales’
Castle Groeneveld, Baarn
23 April – 4 September, 2023

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