Forever Young

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WG Kunst presented in its annual Children’s Books Week exhibition a number of original drawings by Fiep Westendorp. The exhibition ‘Forever Young’ was a tribute to her work. The year 2016 is the Fiep Westendorp year, as she was born 100 years ago.

But the exhibition did offers much, much more. It was a duo exhibition: the well-known graphic designer/visual artist Max Kisman took responsibility for an important part of the exhibition by creating new work especially for this occasion. Max Kisman has taken up the challenge to respond to Fiep Westendorp’s work in his own visual language and to present it in a contemporary interpretation.

Max Kisman has pondered on the question: How has the time affected Jip and Janneke? What would have become of them in bygone years? What would they look like now if they had in reality reached the age of grandpa and grandma? Visitors could change the setup of this installations so that new ‘Tableau Vivants’ keep emerging.

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