Exhibition ‘NU’

Joost Zwagerman & Marc Mulders

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Museum De Pont in Tilburg shows the exhibition ‘NU’ on the occasion of the launch of the poetry book of the same title, published by 99 Uitgevers (Publisher), containing previously unpublished poems by Joost Zwagerman and illustrations by artist Marc Mulders.

At the invitation of Zwagerman and inspired by these poems, artist Marc Mulders selected from his rich oeuvre a number of works of art (or image details) to accompany each poem. All images and poems will be displayed in De Pont in a presentation especially designed for this event by Mart. Warmerdam.

Shortly before his sudden death in September 2015, Zwagerman wrote in an email: “NU has become really beautiful, gorgeous, chic, and besides, the book has also assumed something ineluctable, image and text are zooming in on each other uncannily close. Sometimes, reader and spectator can hardly conceive whether the image is ‘chasing’ the text or the other way round.”

Exhibition ‘NU’
Museum De Pont, Wilhelminapark 1, Tilburg
November 28, 2015, through March 13, 2016

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