Explosive pop-up store in Villa Mondriaan

Sander Wassink


Dutch designer Sander Wassink (1984) turns the Arco Pavilion in Winterswijk (NL) upside down with his bright red installation 特斯韦克(Tè sī wéi kè). Wassink tries to understand and capture our extremely complex and ever-changing world. The current form of modernisation is continuously being influenced by the increasing globalisation. While objects used to be produced and sold locally, they can now be bought all over the world.

As a reaction Wassink has created a fictitious pop-up store with only red objects. All these articles were made in China but were carefully selected and bought by Wassink himself in Winterswijk. The shop has turned cheap items that were produced on the other side of the world into museum exhibits. In this way Wassink wants to make the visitor think about the size and effects of globalisation. The overwhelming predominance of the colour red in the pavilion will have a spherical and almost religious effect on the visitors.

Installation 特斯韦克 (Tè sī wéi kè)
Arco Pavillion, Villa Mondriaan
Zonnebrink 4, Winterswijk

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