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ONE WEEK ABOUT Social Design by curator Social label‘Change people’s life through movement’.

Under this motto, the Foundation dedicates itself to improve the quality of life, in particular the lives of people with Parkinson’s, arthritis and MS. The Foundation Dance for Health was founded in 2012 by Marc Vlemmix and Andrew Greenwood. Marc is a passionate dance lover as well as a Parkinson patient. Andrew comes from the dance world and is a ballet master. Together they have developed a method that through dance allows people to feel better and move more freely. A special aspect of this method is that it has been developed with health experts/scientists and further refined with the assistance of participants. There is also a professional training/master classes developed for teachers together with leading choreographers such as Itamar Serrussi and Krisztina de Chatel. A cooperation was also established with the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and the Dutch National Ballet. At various locations in the country classes can be followed. In addition, research with neurologists remains an important part. The connection of health and professional dance art is applied in a powerful, positive way for the benefit of people who have lost confidence in their own body.

Photos: Rob Hogeslag

Dance for Health with initiator Marc Vlemmix
Dance for Health with initiator Marc Vlemmix
Performance with Krisztina de Chatel
Performance with Krisztina de Chatel

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