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In the great highland of new Guinea there are 42 different species of birds of paradise. Each more bizarre than the last. During mating season, the male birds execute various dances to attract female birds. They change colour, put out their feathers and blow themselves up. It’s an oddly mesmerising display – David Attenborough

Hanneke Klaver: “If we look with different eyes to our own human body, we can be just as marvellous and exotic as the birds of paradise. We seem to be unaware of our non-verbal communication and the unending power of imagination that our bodies can express.”

“#Freetheexpression shows a research into the oddities of human interaction. Our faces have a very sophisticated set of muscles, unconsciously trained to pass information to others. This minimalistic communication becomes visible by placing instruments on specific points of the face. The instruments make it possible to explore the facial expression in a much broader sense.”

“#freetheexpression is part of my graduation collection ‘Catch Air – play it, dance it, spread it’. Through film and performance and with a humorous touch, the audience is invited to cross predictable standards.”

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Hanneke Klaver

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