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Never before have this many projects aimed at seniors and design been brought together in one place. Marcel Sloots and Marjan Thielen from Design Bureau Volle- Kracht present the program G/OUD during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

“Seniors are hot!” according to Marcel and Marjan. ʺIn the city hall, you can see wonderful exhibitions and presentations and get up to date on research projects and the latest developments. You can even participate live in a number of projects during DDW. For example, Project-O invites the public to assist in designing the future of the ageing population. In a 2-day Age-Hack, seniors, designers and technical experts will, in record time, search for new products and ideas. With groups bearing names such as The Geranium Groupies, The Youngsters, Granny’s Finest, Apple Pie, and schapendraad & krulpraat, you can be assured that the future looks bright!”

This is a must for policy makers, public health professionals and designers, but is also interesting for seniors and young people alike.

Exhibitions and workshops G/OUD
Eindhoven City Hall
October 18-26, 2014

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We will be raffling off one book of the Youngsters signed by the designer among the people who respond before October 28.

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