Garden Johan de Witthuis – The Hague

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In ‘Hortus Fabulae’, the Garden of the Story, the Johan de Witthuis is inextricably linked to its outdoor space. A renewed ensemble that automatically incorporates contemporary functions and completes the atmosphere and scale of the rooms in the building. A space that reflects Mr. De Witt’s innovative ideas and presents the story of the Netherlands, doing justice to the Golden Age but built upon a 21st-century idea.

The garden is formed by a succession of spaces: from the platform you reach the terrace that can serve as a closed reception area. The garden then invites the visitors to take a walk around the central element: the lifted carpet. The terraces are situated under the trees out of the wind. The garden ends in the axis by the pivoting fence.

The garden presents the exceptional topography of the Netherlands in a series of steel height profiles, included in a sea of ​​bulbous flowers. The range of profiles forms a sturdy elongated element, centrally in the axis of the garden.

All this has been realized with a keen eye for detail, sustainability in materials and durability for the future. The garden shows the Dutch craftsmanship.

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