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Gerard Unger studied graphic design at the Rietveld Academy and is undoubtedly the most successful Dutch letter designer. He is an emeritus professor at the University of Leiden, where he also obtained his doctorate; he teaches at the University of Reading (UK), and recently received the prestigious 2017 Award of the Type Directors Club New York. He designed for Linotype the fonts Praxis, Demos, Flora, Vesta and Swift. Especially the latter is used for many magazines and corporate house styles. His newspaper fonts include Coranto, Capitolium News and many others and his best-known book fonts are the Capitolium and the Alverata, which he released at the font publishing house TypeTogether.

The latest font – originally designed for monitor use – is the articulated Sanserata, which is based on the structure of the Alverata and has 7 weights each with its own italic version while many characters also have alternative shapes. Unger proved with the Vesta that the fonts he designed are easily legible and widely applicable. With the Sanserata he surpasses himself.

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