The project Gewildgroei is a plea for a new approach to nature in the city. It is a multidisciplinary collaboration between social/spatial designers Bennie Meek and Vincent Wittenberg and experts in the field of psychology, ecology and urban planning.

“Gewildgroei stands for desired spontaneous vegetation, which is without any doubt the urban green of the future. Huge sums of money are being spent on the elimination of spontaneous vegetation and at the same time on the preservation of planted green. For the quality of life it is imperative that we learn to cooperate with nature in the city. The city needs wild plants! We need to stop hoeing. It’s time for a public garden revolution!

Gewildgroei is a movement that targets all its efforts on a mind switch. We distance ourselves from pigeonholing. We do this, for example, by hacking its symbol, the pavement stone. We eliminate the hard boundary between green and grey. Gewildgroei can spread from tile to tile, and in this way we literally and figuratively bring urban nature to the front doors. By changing its context, spontaneous vegetation is no longer associated with neglect. Weeds are no longer non-plants, but ‘gewildgroei’, desired spontaneous vegetation.”

Gewildgroei is a finalist Radicale Vernieuwers, please support them and vote here >

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