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Climate change is disrupting and reshaping our world. In Africa, climate change is one of the key factors of forced migration, referred to as ‘climate mobility’. Even meeting the ambitious 1.5°C warming ceiling will cause severe disruptions to lives and livelihoods in Africa.

To showcase the impacts of climate change on the continent, the platform ‘Voices from the Frontlines’ was launched ahead of COP27 (Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference, 2022). The platform includes eleven storylines, a comprehensive visual data portal, an Agenda for Action, and the extensive ‘African shifts’ report. The platform is the result of nearly two years of research by the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative, which is coordinated by the Global Centre for Climate Mobility.

The ‘African Shifts’ report indicates up to 113 million people in Africa will move due to climate change. The number of people moving to seek protection and better livelihoods will triple, from 1.5% of Africa’s population today to 5% by 2050. The report also gives policy recommendations to leaders gathering at COP27.

The platform is specifically designed to place people at the center of climate change and to turn complex research into compelling stories. Users can grasp the main research findings through 50 interactive data maps, documentaries, portraits, and written stories. This way, research-heavy information is accessible and relatable for many to encourage action.

The platform > africa.climatemobility.org

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