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The Eindhoven-based design collective Nul Zes took the initiative to organize a ‘Grasoogstfeest’ (grass crop party) on the NRE site in Eindhoven.

Grass grows abundantly in the neighborhood, but there is not a single blade of grass to be found on the paved NRE-site. During the first edition of the Grasoogstfeest, the organizers gathered grass from the neighborhood and took it to the NRE site. In doing so, they learned something about rampant growth and even spotted wild tomatoes in the verge. Children could enjoy themselves in the grass wrestling ring and in the swimming pool that was heated with grass. By the fire, people proposed a toast to each other with a glass of grass vodka and a delicious dinner was prepared on a grass barbecue. The party ended with a big bang from the grass cannon.

The Grasoogstfeest was made possible by Stadsambassade Eindhoven and the municipality of Eindhoven. All the knowledge that was gathered during the organization of this bottom-up initiative will be collected in a ‘lessons-learned’ publication by Anne van Strien.

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