GRID pedant light

Studio Thier & van Daalen

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A series of glass blown pendant lights, with mesmerising and bulbous shapes, in which the main role is played by the refection created through the structured glass surface.

When light shines through the surface of mouth-blown glass, every shape or line becomes visible in its refection. Structures on the surface of the bell, but also the imperfections and the difference in roundness and thickness of the glass becomes visible and provide a unique spectacle on the environment.

For this series, the studio has intensively researched the effects of imprints of different shapes and structures in glass. Various constructions and moulds are developed to create the most striking light effects. Projections appear on the surrounding which resemble cloudy skies, rippling water or morning dew creating a soothing, almost hypnotic effect.

The studio developed a custom LED spot, which double serves as mounting bead, creating a foating combination of glass and light. The beam of light is projected almost invisibly on and through the structured glass surface, leaving a soft and mesmerising effect on its surrounding.

Photography: Pim Top

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