GRIP – new bakelite at home

Studio Frederique Hesp en Marcia Nolte

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Designers Marcia Nolte and Frederique Hesp present GRIP: three series of door handles, handholds and wall switches made of the nostalgic material Bakelite. Marcia and Frederique revalue this old plastic and press it into a contemporary form.

Bakelite has given way to cheaper plastics or the production has been moved to low-wage countries. However, the properties of the material are still favorable. Pressed Bakelite is strong, hygienic and has a high electrical insulation capacity.

For GRIP, Marcia and Frederique partnered with De BakelietFabriek, the only remaining Bakelite factory in the Netherlands. The factory is designed as a social workshop.

During the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven GRIP is featured in the Klokgebouw, stand 4.15

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