Growth, what is that?


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Kossmanndejong and Morphosis created an immersive art installation around one fundamental question: ‘Growth, what is that?’

Growth is something we all strive for. As something beyond questioning. Meanwhile, exponential growth intrinsically connected to our market system is leading to the collapse of vital systems, jeopardizing our very existence. How to get out of this self-induced trap? This exhibition is approached as an immersive art installation, it is designed as an experimental tool to rethink growth by shedding light on different interpretations of growth more beneficial to humanity. In it, abstract notions and concepts are translated into actual physical shapes and forms. Equally abstract, they challenge visitors to relate both mentally and physically to the questions of growth and what it really means to them.

Labyrinthine mesh
Growth, what is that? tries to examine growth’s fundamental premise. A series of spatial installations made from rebar form an entangled labyrinthine mesh. Each installation explores a different theme and a question that relates to growth. One, for instance, features a myriad of magnifying glasses, encouraging you to question your perspective. From which angle are you looking at growth? Another installation initially appears to be a giant, beckoning cat but is made up of hundreds of golden beckoning cats. All their little paws move frantically to lure in more fortune. This begs the question: When is it enough? There is a phone number next to each installation. When you call it with your phone, you hear Malmö’s residents reflecting on their perspectives on growth.

A flexible exhibition concept 
For the first time in their 25-years-practice, Kossmanndejong has teamed up with a partner for the role of initiator and producer. Together with Morphosis they have taken things in their own hands to build an exhibition from the very first premature idea to its final realization. This exhibition is not a goal in itself but conceived as a tool to stir up the conversation and make it more prominent. It is a flexible concept that is responsive to the local situation. Built around the stories of local people and made with locally borrowed materials, ‘Growth, what is that?’ is an exhibition and a network at the same time. As a concept, the exhibition can be recreated elsewhere, with local content and materials, and will therefore never be the same. The format is flexible and can be adapted to any situation and made in collaboration with any person or party who wants to spark the conversation around the topic of growth. Out of this this will evolve a network of people, sharing a critical and broad perspective on growth and the systems it nurtures. The first edition of this network opened at the Malmö Museum in Sweden.

Exhibition ‘Growth, what is that?’
Malmö Museum, Sweden
April 1 – November 6, 2022

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