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The first ones were the Lords of the far east. I was still meekly studying graphic art while they were sticking their posters all over the city: “Consciousness is the masturbation of matter.” That’s what I wanted, too. I still talk with them from time to time. The posters, pulled off and torn, must be lying around somewhere, but I can’t find them.

Kamagurka, the Belgian hero. When I lived in Antwerp, I designed a screen-printed book with/for him entitled ‘Kamagurka. Zijn Arnhemse periode’ (Kamagurka. His Arnhem Period). At a drawing of a weird, beefy figure I asked him if he didn’t want to add some captions. I thought it would fit nicely in the book.

“Foreskin Surplus.”

“Nice, but it should actually be about Arnhem, shouldn’t it?”

“Foreskin Surplus in Arnhem.”

Anthon Beeke, we used to kart with him. We had come up with the name ‘Vroaam’ for the BNO careers day. Nice metaphore for starting, et cetera. Magnificent poster, if I may say so myself. Showing the master wearing a helmet. Better designer than karter, though.

And, two years ago, Wim T. Schippers! He dropped by the studio. ‘Ernie’ for Ayla, too young for his art and television work. “The poster should grate a bit. Jan Vos saying to Wilhelmina Kuttje (2 t s!) : You’re such an unbelievable dick! Something like that, okay?” You betcha! Already.

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