Hidden Order

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The Make Move Think Foundation is an initiative of dancer/choreographer Lukáš Timulak focusing on multidisciplinary collaborations for research & development. It builds on decades of collaboration with designer Peter Biľak, who contributes regularly to Timulak’s performances. Recently, architect and urban designer Luisa Maria Calabrese joined the Foundation to expand the research agenda. The Make Move Think Foundation is a place where visual and performing arts come together to produce new physical and digital works, including live performances, films, documentaries, installations, workshops and lectures.

Hidden Order
Premiered in 2018 at Historical Mahen Theatre with National Theatre of Brno (CZ)

We live in a structured world, surrounded by visible and less visible patterns. Historically men have investigated these patterns in mathematics, biology or chemistry in order to better understand the world we live in. In this choreography by Lukas Timulak, patterns and relationships are explored, whereby dance, visual elements and music come together in a seamless harmony formed by the contrast of form, light and movement. Timulak turned to his long time collaborator Peter Bil’ak for the design of the set and to light designer Yutaka Endo to visualise the usually invisible patterns around us.

Photos: Peter Bil’ak

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