Hilton Hotel Schiphol Airport



The Hilton Hotel Schiphol Airport, designed by Mecanoo architects, is located near Amsterdam’s international airport.

From its spacious plinth, the cube-shaped hotel is rotated 45 degrees to establish a dynamic position. Rounded corners accentuate this dramatic effect so that the hotel contrasts strikingly with the neighbouring, rectilinear buildings. The conference centre on the first and second floors adjoins a passageway that leads directly to the airport.

As the heart of the hotel, the impressive atrium has a clear identity featuring a 42-metre-high glass ceiling. The atrium also serves as an open meeting space and plays an important role in the building’s energy-saving climate concept.

The facade pattern unites the three elements of the complex – plinth, tower with hotel rooms, Schiphol passageway – and is composed of three forms of prefabricated composite panels: straight, curved and arched. The combination of glass with grey and white panels results in a striking diamond-shaped pattern.

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