‘House’ puzzle for Ikonic Toys

Joost Swarte

Graphic | Illustration | Product

Cartoonist Joost Swarte has done a lot in his long career, but this puzzle is the only toy he has designed. The illustrations for this puzzle show the great creativity and the craftsmanship of the comic artist. It is a great blessing that kids can get in touch with the work of this design master.

‘The Times They Are A Changin’ (Bob Dylan)

The Times They Are A Changin, and so is this house. It has evolved over time, from the pre-history, to the birth of Christ, to the Dutch Golden Age, untill today. The house has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and an attic. Any user can rebuild the house to its own preferences, mixing the rooms and periods to funny combinations. The puzzle is educating history in a fun way. The illustrations of Joost are very detailed, there’s a lot to see and to discover.

Three-layered puzzle with illustrations by Joost Swarte for Ikonic. Two layers are full color printed on both sides.


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