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ONE WEEK ABOUT Dutch Design Week – curator Katja Lucas

It’s all systems go in the world of virtual and augmented reality. That’s why Hyperspace Collective is back for this year’s DDW with an incredible programme at the Effenaar. The network in Eindhoven (and now even further afield) is a collective of entrepreneurs and organisations working with virtual, augmented and mixed reality. There will be young companies such as VRmaster, Dutch Rose Media and Manus VR, as well as institutes like Fontys and GGzE.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is Beyond… Curator Frederike Manders explains: “Last DDW was the first experience of VR and AR for many people, but this year we’re going one step further. We’re going beyond the novelty. It’s not the technology, but rather the concrete applications that are taking centre stage. What can you really do with virtual and augmented reality today?”

Visitors can come to the Effenaar to experience the exciting things that are already possible or soon will be. The exhibition goes beyond gaming and focuses on applications in education, art, entertainment, healthcare and architecture. The programme varies each day, but here are some of our personal highlights:

Phobia Overcome phobias, like the fear of heights, in a secure environment using 3D glasses and an EEG device on your head. The equipment measures your brain activity as you see depth and adjusts the image accordingly.

AR Storytelling Storytelling which can transport listeners to their desired location, wherever it may be.

Dreamlaze A 3D experience without the glasses. The Dreamlaze is a reclining chair with a closed screen above your head giving you a unique way of enjoying audiovisual content.

Interupsy Discover the impact of an epileptic seizure.

Philips Pavilion Relive the architecture of the past.

We are data – Mirror room Experience what it’s like to become ‘data’ and decide which personal information you do and don’t want to share at an installation outside the Effenaar.

Space Experience Wander through the black and white dungeons of the 18th-century printmaker Piranesi. The installation appeals to all the senses and also involves the physical form.

3D scanner Make a 3D scan of yourself, and edit and animate it for AR and VR applications.

Colouring pages Draw a dinosaur, for instance, and watch it come to life with VR glasses.

VisitU & Visyon The very latest technology brings patients in lifelike contact with friends and family.

Part of the Hidden Gems Bicycle Tours
Twice a day a bicycle tour along the Dutch Design Week gems.
Organized by Dutch Design Daily / E52 / Urban Exploring Tours
More Information: www.ddw.nl/en/event/529

Text: Renske Mehra
Translation: Christa Parrish

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