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Djenné Fila

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‘Illustrations that enrich stories’ is what illustrator Djenné Fila specialises in. From children’s books to museum exhibitions, with her brush she captures the essence and atmosphere of stories in powerful compositions, rich textures and gossamer lines.

Contemporary fairy tale book
In November, together with writer Milouska Meulens, she launched ‘Once upon a time…’, a contemporary fairy tale book with stories from all continents. With the start-up grant from the Stimulation Fund, she researched representative stories and cultures. Djenné illustrated a book within a book and invites the reader to step through the fairy gates.

Gouden Penseel
With ‘A small history of man through animal eyes’, which was awarded this year’s Gouden Penseel (prize for best illustrated children’s book of the past year), she gives 29 animals from world history a unique atmosphere. Using varying techniques and materials, she creates layered illustrations that are all touching.

Museum design

For Fila’s latest project, she designed illustrations for Natuurmuseum Brabant’s ‘Living Life’ ‘Leve het Leven’ (Living Life) exhibition. The animations about biodiversity were created in collaboration with animator Niels Mud. The illustrations make complex subject matter accessible and bring stories to life.

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