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‘50/50’is an enormous ‘coin track’. Not te be confused with a marble track – those are in comparison fairly easy to make and operate. ‘50/50’consists of 80 m of custom-made clear, recycled acrylic track serving only one purpose: to transport 50 cent coins from their starting point to the end unaided. 

HeyHeydeHaas: “Early 2018 we were contacted by museum Kunsthal Kade(Amersfoort, Netherlands) and asked if the team was up for a challenge: to build a large-scale ‘balance themed’ installation for their new exhibition ‘A Balancing Act’,featuring works by Daniel Firman, Alexander Calder, Isabelle Wenzeland others. Of course, our answer was yes. We’re always interested in something if it’s difficult and we haven’t done it before.”

“To keep with the theme of balance and make it a bit more difficult for ourselves, we decided to design a track that could transport coins on their side down a winding trail. Because we wanted the installation to be practically invisible we constructed the immense installation completely out of clear acrylic. This way, the focus is always on the single coin a visitor drops in the track.”

Photos: Mike Bink and Peter Cox

Photo Mike Bink
Photo Mike Bink
Photo Peter Cox
Photo Peter Cox

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