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Studio Spass goes BIGGER with an interactive installation made from 264 books for an art book fair in Shenzhen.

The interactive installation is custom made for the annual BIGGER art book fair in Shenzhen organised by BranD magazine. The playful typographic installation by the Rotterdam based design studio has been custom made out of 264 a4 books, that all together form one large typographic composition. Each page displays a snippet of the same typographic design presented in a different highly contrasting colour composition. Visitors are invited to turn the pages of the individual books and discover new layers of design and create custom colour combinations. By turning the pages the total composition of the work changes over time. A collective effort of turning all books to their final pages reveals a large hidden typographic statement; Enjoy books! 享受书籍

StudioSpass created a bespoke typeface based on the title of the art book fair and the grid of books. Using books as building blocks to provoke interaction was perfect for this occasion of an art book fair. Turning pages is something universal that most people are familiar with. Visitors recognise the books immediately and interact with the work without needing any other explanation. The high colour contrast of the designs also enhanced interaction to create new compositions. As the books got used, the pages would bend and add more texture to the work.

BIGGER is the first installation by Studio Spass presented in China. The work builds further on earlier interactive installations by the studio presented world wide. “We aim to discover various new ways of how graphic design can be presented and interact with people. We love to create designs in a framework and handing them over for the people to play with. Having no control over the output and being surprised by the results of interaction never ceases to amaze us.”

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