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One Week About design from Limburg by Curator Cube design museum

The design process of Posture started about 4 years ago as a school project for the Design Academy Eindhoven where Jeffrey Heiligers (Voerendaal, 1988) then studied. Heiligers is fascinated by technology, movement and the human body. His research brought him to the widespread problem of poor working posture at the computer. Was there anything he could devise to prevent this?

During the design process Heiligers noticed that a negative stigma was associated with wearing devices to correct one’s posture. Finding a balance between aesthetics and function is therefore crucial.

The final result of the design process was Posture. Posture is a tailored garment that looks like a normal shirt but helps the user to correct a bad work posture. Trying to adjust the back pattern creates inconvenience when the user is not seated properly and this in turn encourages the user to sit upright again. Posture is an aesthetic solution to a modern problem.

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