Jelle Seegers – Winner Kazerne Design Award 2023


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 Tomorrow will be shaped by today’s students

On 9 May 2023, the fourth Kazerne Design Award was presented: an incentive prize for recent alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven. The jury honoured the lucky winner with eternal glory, an exhibition of the nominated work and no less than 5,000 euros to boot.

The nominees for the design award were Yassine Ben Abdallah, Héloïse Floc’h, Marte Mei van Haaster, Leopold Inkapööl, Thomas Mair, Ori Orisun Merhav, Zoa Lu Rosenkranz, Jelle Seegers, Pepe Triginer Valenti. The jury consisted of Kiki van Eijk (Kiki and Joost), Annemoon Geurts (Kazerne), Jan Hoorntje (Rotary Club EIndhoven-Soeterbeek) and Anne Ligtenberg (studio Anne Ligtenberg).

Winner Jelle Seegers | Solar Metal Smelter
The Solar Metal Smelter is as simple as it is effective: a huge magnifying glass sends sunlight to a single point: a heat-resistant crucible where the temperature rises to almost 1,000 degrees Celsius. In this extreme heat, aluminium and zinc residues melt. The liquid mass is poured into a mould, where it solidifies, taking on a new shape that will remain unchanged for years.

In his ambition to design sustainably, Jelle Seegers found that sustainable, manageable production methods often fell short. So he started designing and making tools, which other makers can use to make sustainable products.

Jelle Seegers is a designer with radically sustainable working practices. Over the next five years, he will design a factory for solar, wind and human power controlled by the same sources, according to Jelle himself. When the sun shines, Jelle melts metals. When the wind blows, he drills, turns or saws with homemade machines. Sometimes he takes ‘time off’, and uses only hand tools.

The Kazerne Design Award 2023 was co-sponsored by sponsor Rotary Club Eindhoven-Soeterbeek. The initiator of the incentive award was the Loyola Foundation, which supported the first three editions with a financial contribution and the opening of the network.

Exhibition ‘Kazerne Design Award 2023’
Home of design Kazerne, Eindhoven
Until the end of September, 2023
Admission is free

Jelle Seegers – Winner Kazerne Design Award 2023
Moderator Jeroen Junten and Jelle Seegers
Jury Kazerne Design Award – Jan Hoorntje, Anne Ligtenberg, Kiki van Eijk, Annemoon Geurts
Pepe Triginer Valenti – El Mar Installation
Héloïse Floc’h – Duty of Remembrance
Ori Orisun Merhav – Made by Insects
Jelle Seegers – Solar Metal Smelter
Zoa Lu Rosenkranz – Unfolding the Blanket
Thomas Mair – Kara Coffee Machine
Yassine Ben Abdallah – The Bittersweet Memory of the Plantation
Marte Mei van Haaster – Land-Ally
Leopold Inkapööl – Omniphonium

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