Jeroen Vinken

Jeroen Vinken

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ONE WEEK ABOUT Textile Design by curator Eugène van Veldhoven

Jeroen Vinken (1955, the Netherlands) – Akademie Industriële Vormgeving (now called Design Academy)

His work can be found in the collection of, among others, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Dutch Textielmuseum, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York and several private collectors.

Jeroen Vinken is in my opinion the best representative in our country of an industrial designer who is also an artist. For instance, it was Jeroen Vinken who did extensive research in the Dutch Textielmuseum on their first jacquard machine to get as many colours as possible with a limited amount of coloured yarns. Every student or artist who has a digital design woven in the museum nowadays profits from his work. But beside industrial development (Vinken was and is consultant for several weaving mills and carpet manufacturers) he also paints and creates very poetic woven images, for instance in his curtain designs, with repeats up to five meters!

Detail bloopy – 2000
JONGENSDROOM getuft vloerobject – 2001 – collectie textielmuseum
ZIG-ZAG jacquardweefsel – 2001 – collectie textielmuseum
COCKTAIL 2003 – jacquardweefsel – collectie textielmuseum
COCKTAIL detail – 2003 – collectie textielmuseum
Detail jacquardweefsel
MAZZO SOVRAPPOSTO LUCE jacquardweefsel scherli – 2012
RODE DIAGONALEN 9 jacquardweefsel – 2012
DIAGONALI 4 jacquardweefsel – 2015
MAZZO RIGATO – jacquardweefsel 5 kleuren
Pallet 190 kleuren MAZZO computerbeeld + weefsel scherli

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