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A collection of benches exploring the boundaries of digital craftsmanship and materiality

Inspired by knitting techniques, the project ‘Knotty’ treats plastic waste as a continuous thread of material which folds, twists and loops to create an intriguing tactile surface that resembles textiles, and invites users to touch it.

Launched at Alcova 2023 for the first time, this innovative 3D sculpted fabric dresses a new family of benches, produced in three different shapes and sizes (150x80x27 cm; 150x60x40 cm; 80x60x40 cm); and two colours: mint and peach. Made in the shape of bent and swinging blocks, their swinging silhouette fosters interaction and encourages spontaneous use.

Ten pieces of different colours and dimensions were scattered along La Galleria of the Ex-Macello di Porta Vittoria, re-arranging and transforming the space in a playful manner, while providing an opportunity for rest and an ideal conversation starter.

The sculpted material texture, consisting of thick and seemingly soft knots, creates a tactile, permeable and load-bearing type of surface for outdoor and indoor furniture or other architectural applications. “Knitted patterns” that increase functionality by allowing water drainage and avoiding internal structures, can be upscaled and become ornaments and building units that embody a new digitally crafted materiality.

Developed by The New Raw, ‘Knotty’ is a next step towards the production of a new formal language of digital craftsmanship that combines traditional handwork with digital fabrication.

Photography: Federico Floriani (set-up), Mathijs Labadie (product)

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