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La Fête du Graphisme 2016 was recently held at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Part of this annual festival was an overview of posters created by Studio Boot. Michel Bouvet, the artistic director of the festival, selected the works for this event.

These works were mainly posters for the Leids Cabaret Festival, Bunker Theaterzaken, Woonbedrijf Eindhoven, Publishing house Snor, the Dutch Heart Foundation, the Koningstheater, the Mariapaviljoen from Den Bosch and the series of Chinese Horoscope posters created in collaboration with screen printing shop Kerlensky.

At the first edition of La Fête du Graphisme, in 2014, Studio Boot was invited to make a poster on the theme of ‘Célébrer Paris’ (Celebrate Paris). Following up to this, Boot has over the past few years taught at various art academies in Paris. At the invitation of the city of Paris, Studio Boot has during the opening week of the festival given a workshop about poster making to students of all academies.

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