BIOMIMICRY: 3D printed soft seat

Lilian van Daal


The production of soft seating is far from sustainable. It is made of many different materials: wood, plastic, metal, foam and fabric. These materials are prepared for assembly in separate factories. The environmentally harmful assembly makes recycling of the product impossible.

BIOMIMICRY: 3D printed soft seat is a new concept to make this production more sustainable by means of 3D printing. By researching structures from nature, it is possible to realize several properties using just one single material. By varying the structure at various places within the product, it is now possible to realize load-bearing construction, micro- and macro-support, ventilation and skin of the product in one single material.

The prototype was in part made possible by 3D Systems Benelux.

Lilian van Daal’s query
I’m looking for companies that want to develop this project further with me. There is still additional research needed on material, structure and its properties.

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