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Rick Tegelaar

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The camshaft is a mechanical construction most of us use every day, but which we almost never see. With his background in mechanical engineering Rick Tegelaar wanted to shed a new light on this technique, uncovering its elegance.

Rick Tegelaar: “The cams that drive the Cam Fan have a simple round form, but produce a very natural moment. This we think is a very interesting contrast. Constructed out of aluminum plates and steel shafts, the fan has a lightweight appearance. The veneer sheets that generate the airflow have the right grain and spring to move in a graceful way.”

“With a power consumption of only 3 Watt, the Cam Fan can be run continuously. By simply patterning its elements, the fan can be extended to almost infinite length and be adapted to the space it is installed in. The Cam Fan comes in 2 and 1-meter units. Later this year a ceiling-mounted version will be introduced.”

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Photo’s: Masha Bakker

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