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Studio Simone Post transformed the Hermès Japon Spring window into a playful world completely made out of sugar candy

“When I heard about the Hermès 2022 theme ‘lightness’ I immediately thought of marshmallows. Because what is more light than these sweets? They bring you back to your childhood and moreover, they are literally packed with air. In these concerning times I think we can all use something that makes us dream away and that just brings a smile on our faces but as well gives you this sense of wonderment, I hope our cheerful scene offers that. ” Simone says.

We collaborated with Europe’s biggest marshmallow factory based in the Netherlands. They produced custom-made extremely long cable mallows for us, making it possible to create all these crazy big foamy constructions. The cable mallows remind us of enormous blown up yarns. Being an interesting references to textile design and the Hand stitching where Hermès is so famous for.

It was a huge challenge to create an entire world out of marshmallows and candy using only minimal construction support. But we succeeded. Next tot that using such an unusual material was completely triggering me as a product designer to discover an new form and colour language in furniture and interior design. In front of the shop window your mouth is watering. Everything you see is made of colourful and edible sweets. Everything, except for the original Hermès products, off course. In a sense a certain world is created which is almost unreal and unable to reach, but you do wish you could.

In the windows we created entire interiors, of course made of marshmallows. We designed a cabinet, chandelier, stool, table, curtains and chairs. And even houseplants, window frames, a pouf, carpet, mirror and a clock.

Photos Hermès window: Satoshi Asakawa
Photos process/Seperate objects: Studio Simone PostSimone Post

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