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Cube design museum in Kerkrade has opened on 22 September 2018 the most extravagant exhibition until now. In ‘LUXURY? Changing desires’ you will be dazzled by the most exclusive luxury objects: a limited edition Hermès handbag, the zigzag chair by Rietveld and a very precious watch by the Swiss brand Hublot. But this exhibition explores the concept of luxury further, so after your visit your perception of luxury will never be the same again.

In the exhibition LUXURY? expensive, scarce and authentic objects stimulate your deepest desires … or perhaps not? If you have difficulty walking an interactive robot rollator which helps you walk comfortably is pure luxury. (Sex)robot Robin removes feelings of loneliness and although the zigzag chair by Rietveld looks sleek, you may prefer lying conformably in an IKEA hammock. Through unexpected, revolutionary and controversial objects this exhibition takes you on a personal journey to your own ideas of luxury.

The concept development and curating of the exhibition was done by Dutch journalist/researcher/writer Jeroen Junte.

Exhibition ‘LUXURY? Changing desires’
Cube design museum
Museumplein 2, Kerkrade
September 22 2018 until April 14, 2019

Photos: Kenneth Tan

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