MacGuffin Magazine N° 5 – The Cabinet

Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven


MacGuffin Magazine takes a highly unusual approach to researching the use and the (historical) experience of design and crafts. ‘MacGuffin’ is a term introduced by the film director Alfred Hitchcock for objects that trigger a story; MacGuffin Magazine tells unusual stories about ordinary things. The context and use of everyday objects such as the cabinet, the rope or the sink are explored from different disciplines and perspectives – from literature to design criticism and from visual essay to graphic novel.

The jury is unanimously enthusiastic about MacGuffin Magazine. The conceptual structure and uncluttered layout guarantee each issue is perfectly balanced; the publication’s impact builds with each issue. So far, it has yielded fascinating insights into arts and crafts; a visually rich and inspiring magazine that appeals to a broad (and young!) target group. Within this context, ordinary objects become fascinating containers of cultural, social, political and design history. MacGuffin convinces with the relevance of their research, making them – after an earlier nomination – among this year’s winners.

Dutch Design Award Winner 2018 – Design Research

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Found & Lost / Value—5

Joost Roozekrans


Compliments to our brave architect!

Beukers Scholma

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