Manifiesto del Agua

Studio Another Day

Graphic | International

Nominee European Design Awards 2024
Category Artistic Catalogue

‘Manifiesto del Agua’ offers an in-depth insight into contemporary socialist Cuba by following the world of clean drinking water on the tropical island.

This project highlights the daily problems and solutions of workers in a non-automated, non-digitised socialist society. Truck drivers distribute water to households and districts without reliable water sources. Health inspectors check water tanks for hygiene and control insects to prevent diseases.

The design includes a sharp selection of photographs, taken by documentary photojournalist Sanne Derks between 2017-2023, representing the water problem, workers involved, and the culture surrounding it. The use of different papers and formats illustrates the layering of issues. Upon opening the book, a gentle introduction begins, followed by the full Cuban constitution, highlighting access to clean drinking water. Highlights from the edit are presented on fold-out pages to enhance their impact. Smaller booklets, which blend into the underlying picture and are printed on thin paper, contain information and cultural artefacts related to the water issue.

The cover is digitally printed with black and white ink and shows a map of Cuba, along with details of the various trips Sanne has made to Cuba and the places where the photos were taken.

The design added value to the original project by adding new layers of storytelling without overshadowing the project. This story, which needs to be told to a wider audience, now has a book telling it.

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Beukers Scholma

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