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Max Kisman is a renowned designer and a gifted artist. He daily draws in small booklets large works of art that he creates merely for himself. As his public work therefore exists predominantly digitally or in reproduction, only few of his original works are available.

On Sunday afternoon December 16, however, Max drew under the camera’s eye in Silvie Lucas’ and Peter Mertens’ “voorkoopruimtevoorkunstaanhuis” four autonomous works bearing the name “unincompatible realities” in barely three hours’ time. Ink on paper, 50 x 70 cm large. Peter makes the camera rotate and people in Gelderland and Limburg are looking along with him, as do the new upstairs neighbours.

The Tiger drawing is sold to a fan of Max’s work even before it is finished. Especially for the occasion Max printed a small poster in a signed edition of 20 copies. That is for sale at €25 including delivery charges. At the time of writing, of the 4 prints there is only 1 left for sale …

Watch the video here:

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