Mesh Lingerie

Lidewij van Twillert

Fashion & Textile | Material

A good product can only exist when form and function are one. With her skills as an industrial designer, Lidewij van Twillert wants to bring more value and depth in the world of fashion by integrating technology.

Mesh Lingerie is a project in which her vision becomes a reality. At present finding a bra that is nice (shape) as well as comfortable (function) is virtually impossible. With Mesh Lingerie she wants to change that.

Lidewij: “With lingerie by Mesh every woman becomes a muse. We make tailor-made lingerie based on a personal 3D body scan. The traditional underwired bra is replaced by a 3D printed customized support that is programmed on the virtual body. Other sizes required for the textile part are also derived from the 3D body scan in order to create the perfect bra.

In the meantime, the first official pilot in which more than 30 women are going to test the production process and the resulting product, has been set up. For the time being the launch is planned in the late summer of 2017. Until then, there is jewelry by Mesh for sale: 3D printed rings and cufflinks in the same design language as the Mesh bra.

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