Miro – Digital identity and Motion logo


Graphic | International

Winner Silver – European Design Awards 2020
Category Motion Logo

Miro is a visual collaboration tool used by the world’s most innovative teams like Netflix, Twitter and Spotify. Although Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard) is used world-wide by millions on a daily basis, the former identity lacked consistency and an overarching brand story that is broader than the tool itself.

By renaming and rebranding the tool, Miro aimed for a more human touch and scalable identity that connects to and sparks the imagination of its users. User research and a world-wide collaboration with the Miro-team resulted in strategic guidelines and a visual language that captures the joy of mutual understanding and bringing teams together.

The playful combination of colors, characters, illustrations and typefaces, enables Miro to get their story across in a universal way independent of languages and cultural differences. The characters interact with the medium and are scaled or combined accordingly. Small, blown-up or subtle, in the background.


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