The Next Big Thing is Not a Thing

Mind Design – Niels Schrader


The exhibition ‘The Next Big Thing is Not a Thing’ was on display from March to July 2016 at Bureau Europa, Maastricht. It related the field of design to the science of anthropology. Using the gaze as a metaphor, the exhibition explored new areas of knowledge and critical practices.

The design concept of the publicity campaign is centered around the shift from the anthropological gaze on humans towards machine vision with automated image inspection for the analysis of human behavior. Through different media, the identity shows a 3D scan of the human body rendered into multiple types of informational landscapes that explore the key question: Who is actually watching who?

The three-dimensional mesh of the teaser translates traditional Renaissance sculpting techniques by Michelangelo into a virtual network of nodes and edges. An extra level of meaning is added by attaching words and associations to the polygons of the body scan that describe the functionality and purpose of its limbs.

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