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The Millen House

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during GLUE Amsterdam

The exhibition NEXUS explores architectural undercurrents in furniture & art, uncovering echoes from Nieuwe Haagse school’s straight lines to Goed Wonen’s industrial innovation.  NEXUS presents a captivating tapestry of interconnected themes, resonating with architects, designers, and artists delving into the architectural core that forges multidimensional connections. Each creation—a chair, sculpture, or painting—resonates with the architectural space that defines our surroundings.

NEXUS features geometric sculptures by Carel Balth & Francois Morellet and others, resonating with contemporary creations by Joost van Bleiswijk, Sjang Niederwieser, & Maarten Baas.

NEXUS stands as a testament to creators who reshaped interiors, featuring industrial design by Willy van der Meeren & Wim Rietveld blending with unique custom interior pieces by Wim den Boon and Jan Rietveld, finding a modern counterpart in the RVR chair by Dirk van der Kooij. Rare paintings and functional objects by Rudolf Wolf & Cor Alons are juxtaposed, bridging 2D concepts and 3D reality—a thread continuing in architects Joop Rutjes’ archive, showcasing never-before-seen furniture models, drawings, and prototypes.

The Millen House also introduces HOUSEGUEST, an invitation to artists & designers to engage with our space and collection. Gert Wessels is our inaugural guest.” 

The Millen House
Unconventional Gallery for Collectible Design & Postwar Art
Discover a world where art, design, and vintage treasures intertwine at The Millen House. As a gallery and online shop, we curate a selection of collectible design pieces, vintage items, and artworks. In 2021, we opened our exhibition space and private viewing room in Amsterdam city centre, where we showcase a curated collection with a diverse range of art and design, reflecting our passion for aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation. We also provide a platform for upcoming artists and designers.

GLUE Amsterdam
GLUE Amsterdam – connected by design – is a four days design-route for Amsterdam designers, the general public, architects, brands, labels, showrooms, galleries, academies and other colleagues. It takes place from Thursday 14 until Sunday 17 September 2023.

Exhibition ‘Nexus’
The Millen House
Haparandaweg 57, Amsterdam
September – November, 2023

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