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GDFB 2015

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Introducing Graphic Design Festival Breda. Meet contemporary creatives that allow you to see the world differently during the Graphic Design Festival Breda, every two years in the city center of Breda and ongoing with several exhibitions traveling through Europe. The fifth edition of the festival takes place from 25 September to 25 October 2015, with ‘Introducing Current Characters’ as a theme.

The influence of designers on social and political issues, sociology, psychology and technology is bigger than you might think. Besides creativity and craftsmanship, their personal attitude has an impact on your worldview. With a dynamic festival programme GDFB introduces leading current (and future) ‘characters’ of graphic design.

With inspiring lectures, creative workshops, surprising tours, exhibitions and presentations at both galleries and in public space, visitors experience how a new generation of graphic designers shape your worldview through design, illustration, motion graphics, data visualisation, typography and visual storytelling.

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