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In the next couple of days, Ontwerp Platform Arnhem presents in Arnhem six designers who either trained in Arnhem or are working in Arnhem.

Founded in 2004, the Ontwerp Platform Arnhem focuses on designers and interested people in the broad sense of the word. Each year, Ontwerp Platform Arnhem organizes a different program for people working in the field of fashion, graphic design, interactive design, and product design as well as for students, theorists and enthusiasts. With its program, Ontwerp Platform Arnhem targets three issues. The first one is offering a platform to local, regional and (inter) national designers and design disciplines active in the field of fashion, product, graphic and interactive design. The second one is stimulating the design climate by tapping into and discussing relevant views and current affairs within the said design disciplines for a wide audience. The third one is encouraging the exchange of findings and experiences between companies, institutions and public in order to inspire and professionalize designers and the regional design field. Ontwerp Platform Arnhem is the place where designers establish contacts with colleagues, experts, clients and authorities.

In 2015, the theme of the annual program was the cooperation between designers who trained or are established in Arnhem and foreign colleagues and clients. In 2016, the theme is design and science. To actually be in line with current developments, the program makers distilled five questions from the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (National Research Agenda). Those questions involve the use of new technology, medical and biological knowledge and pure science in design education and design practice in the full width, from fashion to product design. They are explored by designers and scientists during the OPA meetings.

Ontwerp Platform Arnhem actually does a lot more. It publishes on its own site the Arnhem Exchange Blogs: interviews with designers who trained in Arnhem but left their home country. Ontwerp Platform Arnhem also organizes speed date dinners, social gatherings and presentations.

Text: Peter Nijenhuis


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