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In 2013, on International Happiness Day, we, Gerrit Schilder Jr. and Hill Scholte, merged our offices into SchilderScholte architects. This week we will contribute to One Week About Architecture. We believe strongly in space creating emotion. Each project we design is based on our motto: space is emotion. Empathizing with the user (who) and the context (where) is of paramount importance in the process.

An illustrative example of our design thoughts and assumptions is the Pani community center built in North Bangladesh. Together with the local community we realized this building, making use of the skills and knowledge of the people. The project is a reflection of the rural area, social cohesion and colorful culture. It has been lavished worldwide with media attention and architecture awards. As a winner of a Dutch Design Award (Habitat category), the project was shown at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

When reflecting on our own work, we use a number of slogans that cover our conception of our motto, space is emotion. We introduced architectivity at Zens showroom, based on co-creating. In our design for Sterk Werk office, we stressed the importance of values materialized, communication in everything, De Bron church shows the significance of empath(s) ize, intense dialogue. We introduced narrative in place in Broeinest showroom to get acquainted with the power of storytelling. Last but not least, awasteness, which means being aware of the fact that products designed by humanity ultimately become waste.

In the spirit of the weekly column by Hans Aarsman in De Volkskrant, in One Week About Architecture we will show you an intriguing space each day. Every interior exemplifies one of our slogans and will be described in detail as food for thought.

Photo Matthijs Borghgraef
photo Nido
Hal 10
Pani Plaza

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