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Loes Schepens

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Paper Art & Design is Loes Schepens’ (1964) studio. That’s where she makes her own free art or commissioned works. All her 2-and 3-dimensional objects are made of self-made paper, using durable materials such as flax, hemp, cotton or Japanese kozo. Sometimes also with other plant fibers such as stinging nettle or asparagus. Making and shaping paper is a time-consuming activity. The value of the objects is therefore embedded in the slow process, which gives satisfaction in this world in which everything moves so very quickly.

For more than 25 years, paper has been an inexhaustible source of research for Loes. The works have a certain tactility; they don’t just invite the spectators to look at them, but also to touch them. Many objects contain typographic elements, such as fragments of old books, or collected pieces of used paper and textiles from distant countries. Recurring themes and concepts in the work are nature, longing, transience, personal stories, history and foreign cultures.

After her career as a designer, the focus has increasingly shifted to her own chosen projects. In 2016, she made various series: Mathematics 1-4 (asparagus paper with threads of flax), Movements (silk and cotton paper with silkscreen printing) and Knots (an experiment with ‘knotted’ paper, in which the starting point is the processing of wet paper). A hospital in The Hague commissioned her to create a laser-cut portrait of a departing mentor.

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